A 30 Calorie Glass Of Wine?! Why You Should Make This Your Late Summer Drink Of Choice

A 30 Calorie Glass Of Wine?! Why You Should Make This Your Late Summer Drink Of Choice

Don’t we all love a summer barbecue with friends whilst enjoying a glass (or two, or maybe even a bottle) of wine or beer? Whilst it hits the spot in the sunshine, it's common knowledge that wine is notoriously calorific, where a regular glass* of white is often around 140 calories. Drink four glasses and you’ve upped your calorie count to near 600 before you’ve even hit the seasonal food spread.

Alcohol is made by fermenting yeasts and sugar and if, therefore, one is looking to cut out the calories, alcohol is suggested to be a better lifestyle choice first to go. However, there is a way to savour the same sparkling moment at a fraction of the calories and, what’s better, without the hangover that’s normally associated with hitting the bottle.

Low calorie alternative to wine

There are many low calorie drink options on the market which are non alcoholic and refreshing. Aside from water being the healthiest option to choose, on most social occasions however, you might want to switch the pure rehydration water offers up for something that remains healthy yet tastes way more interesting and is a little more luxurious.

If you’re looking for a replacement for fizz at special events, REAL’s award-winning Royal Flush is a low calorie alternative to sparkling wine with all the flavour and fruity top notes as a prosecco but with non of the alcohol. Royal Flush is produced by fermenting a very special first flush Darjeeling tea, resulting in a fresh and floral, semi-dry sparkling served straight to suit all celebratory occasions.

Low calorie summer drinks

If, an all day, refreshing, low calorie spritz is what you’re after, then Dry Dragon is light and dry with notes of sweet lemons, green apple and grapefruit. Similar to a dry white wine like Vinho Verde or Picpoul, its balance of acidity and citrus is perfect to pair with summer menus of salads, seasonal green vegetables and shellfish.

Whilst both are exceedingly delicious, the best thing about REAL’s drinks is that the equivalent serve is only 30 calories, four times less than a normal glass of wine. A naturally healthy, low calorie and low sugar drink of choice to quench thirst in these late summer months when the occasion arises.

Food pairings with low calorie wine

Whilst recent days in the UK have been glorious, one never knows what kind of Indian summer it’ll turn into. But if plans are afoot for a late summer barbeque with friends and family why not try pairing the menu with REAL? Give Royal Flush a go with delicious farm reared pork sausages or charcuterie where the acidity of the drink will cut through the fats. Or for a more plant based BBQ, grilled asparagus or courgette and halloumi skewers are a perfect accompaniment with Dry Dragon.

If a barbeque in the sunshine is on the agenda, why not give both flavours a try and order a mixed case - stock the fridge, pop a cork, serve chilled and enjoy whilst the summer lasts.

Toast to a more radiant and healthier you with low calorie, sugar free drinks, while relishing the advantages of an alcohol-free lifestyle with every sip. Interested in experiencing this for yourself? Contact REAL Drinks or buy online now!

*regular glass - 175ml serve of white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc

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