Is there such thing as a hangover free Wine?

Cheers with four glasses of non-alcoholic wine.

As soon as the feeling of your throbbing headache wakes you up after a night of drinking wine with your friends, you may find yourself regretting the decisions you made last night. Whilst you potentially had a great night, which you probably can’t remember too much about, it’s then often forgotten about on waking with a hangover.

If, like many of us are choosing to do these days, you have consciously been trying to improve health and live a more balanced lifestyle, cutting back on drinking will have a positive impact. Hangovers aside, the amount of calories and sugar that alcohol contains directly affects results.

As hard as some people find removing alcohol from the day to day, there are some excellent alternatives that aid the exchange of white wine for a delicious, healthy, hangover-free alternative.

Best hangover-free wine alternatives

If you’re tired of feeling sluggish in the morning after a couple of glasses of wine, it’s time to introduce a healthier, non-alcoholic alternative into your life and to look for a hangover-free replacement. REAL’s award-winning non-alcoholic alternatives to wine are made from loose-leaf teas from small tea gardens in China and India and naturally fermented that produces a sophisticated sparkling full of flavour and fruity top notes akin to most sparkling wines but without the hangover the next day if one over consumes.

What hangover free drink suits you best?

If prosecco is a typical go-to drink to mark the weekend, a party or celebrations, a glass of Royal Flush always delivers. Fresh and floral, this sparkling fermented tea is the perfect hangover-free alternative to the fruity character profiles of prosecco. Served chilled in a flute, it hits any occasion plus you’ll be in your best shape the day after!

However, if a refreshing, citrusy non-alcoholic spritz, perfect for late summer barbecues, is what you’re after to whet your whistle, try Dry Dragon. A sophisticated, delicious alcohol-free alternative to a dry white like Sauvignon Blanc with the versatility to be drunk at any time of day.

The difference between non-alcoholic Wine vs REAL Kombucha

There are many alcohol-free wines on the market today which fit the drinking occasion but without the hangover. Whilst they’re mostly made from grapes, they’re also packed with sugar to create body as part of the de-alcoholisation process. REAL Kombucha is a non-alcoholic alternative to sparkling wine that sits at 0.5% ABV and in the same non alc space. However, REAL delivers all the complexity of most alcoholic wines due to the fermentation process of drawing out the character notes of the exquisite loose-leaf teas and our unique yeast and bacteria cultures. 

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