Our Process

We are experts in fermentation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


Our fine sparkling teas are very special in that all their incredible character notes are created naturally, without the addition of additives or flavourings. Our slow and completely natural fermentation process enables us to achieve exquisite flavour and complexity that results from a combination of skill and high quality, loose-leaf teas, handpicked from small tea gardens in China and India.

Each year, we select exquisite loose-leaf teas with the same respect that a winemaker affords their grapes, and ferment with the same care and passion as a fine wine. We add nothing before, nor extract anything afterwards.

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We source the world’s finest, hand-picked loose-leaf teas.

In the same way that winemakers are obsessive about their vines and grape harvest, we are uncompromising in the way we approach our tea selection. After all, only the finest teas will go on to deliver the exceptional flavour we demand.

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We nurture a handful of carefully curated microorganisms.

Since 2017, we have put thousands of microorganisms to the test, selecting only the few that will combine to drive maximum flavour and deliver it consistently. And we’re testing new ones every single day.

We challenge the rules of a complex fermentation process.

Delivering the flavour and nuances you’d expect from a fine wine isn’t easy. But we’re finding new ways to challenge the fermentation process, questioning the way things have always been done and blazing our own trail.

We push the boundaries of filtration with every batch.

We’re striving for perfection, which means we won’t stop until we can consistently deliver the clarity you’d expect. We take a detailed, unconventional approach to filtration in a way that has never been done before.

We are the REAL alternative to Champagne & Sparkling Wine.

Served by the pioneering, the innovative and the Michelin starred.

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