The Fermentery

Our state-of-the-art home on the beautiful Waddesdon Estate


Our Fermentery is the first of its kind, leading the way in non-alcoholic fermentation. We chose to build our home on the beautiful Waddesdon Estate, which is just a stone’s throw from our original facility at Hartley Farm, because of our shared passion for sustainable food & drink practices.

Alongside being where we produce our range of Naturally Fermented Sparkling Teas, here we invest hours in experimentation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.


Immerse yourself in our world of fermentation, where we continuously push the boundaries of what's possible. 

Meet a member of the REAL team for a tour of The Fermentery, learn about our unique and innovative processes, and taste our range of delicious non-alcoholic Sparkling. You will learn how we combine the art of fermentation with science, to create our exceptional depth, flavour and complexity. 

Our tour & tastings last for approximately 1 hour.

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We host regular Supperclubs at The Fermentery throughout the year, connecting thinkers, makers and creators alike. We can also create unique Supperclubs for special occasions, featuring menus from unconventional chefs who share our passion for flavour. We can cater for up to 30 guests, offering one-off tasting experiences, guided tours and the perfect supper to accompany your event, hosted in our stunning tasting room.

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Go behind the scenes of REAL with an exclusive tasting & tour, hosted by David Begg. From the first batches of liquid, carefully brewed in David’s garage, to the hand-crafted wood paneling in our Tasting Room at The Fermentery, David is the visionary behind our Naturally Fermented Sparkling Teas. Enjoy a personalised tour and tasting with our Founder and discover the untold stories of the past 5 years.

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Connect with and inspire your team on one of our bespoke away days. Whether you need time to strategise or get creative, taking time out in our Fermentery offers the perfect space to think differently. We can build your ideal day, including tastings, tours, workshops and other activities on the estate.

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Find out more about how we make our Naturally Fermented Sparkling Teas.

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This project is part-funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.