The story of REAL

Founded in 2017, REAL exists to enable everyone to celebrate life, unconstrained.

Where it all began

When founder David had all but given up alcohol, he found there was a lack of choice and nothing that paired with food in the same way as a wine. He knew there must be a better way so set about experimenting with fermentation, the taste profiles of different loose-leaf teas and the impact of conditioning and bottling on superior flavour.

After almost 2 years of tinkering, David had created a liquid with the depth of flavour he had been missing and shared it with the like-minded folk at The Pig. They agreed that this was like nothing else and became REAL’s very first listing.

David’s unconventional approach to creating that first batch of liquids that made their way to The Pig is embodied in everything that the team do today. His relentless attitude to progress means that the Sparkling Teas you taste today in a champagne bottle in places such as the Fat Duck, Le Gavroche and Clove Club are quite far from the early days; more refined, deeply flavoured, and with the complexity of a fine wine – a sparkling moment, without the compromise.


At REAL, we craft beautiful drinks that don’t conform. We deliver on flavour, inspire passion and garner respect. We believe that life is for living, for enjoying the moments - however big or small. Those moments deserve a drink that is extraordinary, even without the alcohol. We, are the REAL alternative.

At our heart, are the world’s finest loose-leaf teas, hand-picked and naturally fermented to produce exceptional depth, flavour and complexity. Our home, The Fermentery at The Bail on the Waddesdon Estate in the heart of Buckinghamshire, is the first of its kind.

In this innovative home, with sustainability at its core, science and craftsmanship combine to create captivating liquids that you want to reach for. So untwist the cage, pop the cork and toast the moments that matter to you.

REAL Naturally Fermented Sparkling Tea. The real alternative to Champagne and Sparkling Wine.

We are the REAL alternative to Champagne and Sparkling Wine

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