Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Drinks For Summer

Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Drinks For Summer

The British summer may be having trouble getting itself into gear this year, but the non-alcoholic drinks scene in this country is alive and kicking. Whether getting friends together for a delicious BBQ or meeting up for a picnic in the park, the choice of non-alcoholic drinks for summer this year is better than it has ever been.

We’ve been a part of the hangover free scene for a number of years here at REAL Drinks, so we thought we’d put together a list of those we think you ought to try.

With this list, non-drinkers are once again welcome back to the party, guaranteed delicious levels of sophistication whether they're avoiding alcohol for health reasons or simply because they're the designated driver. Chill your glasses down and away we go.


What are the best non-alcoholic drinks for summer 2021? 

What makes the perfect non-alcoholic summer drink? For many adults, it has a lot to do with avoiding too much sugar. We hear from our customers time and again that they don’t want overly sweet drinks, either because they’re conscious of their health or they simply don’t find them satisfying.

They want something with that bite of fermentation and acidity, subtle in flavour and sophisticated in the serve. They want to avoid the sense that they’ve been poured a kids’ drink and told to sit in the corner. It’s Summer, after all - and high time non-drinkers were properly catered for.

BBQ drinks

Non-alcoholic sparkling wine to enjoy during a summer BBQ

Here’s an interesting thought: the best non-alcoholic sparkling wine may not actually be a traditional wine at all. As non-drinkers struggle to find a non-alcoholic option that ticks the right boxes, many are realising that non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternatives might be a better thing to explore. REAL Sparkling Tea, a premium fermented drink created using exquisite natural ingredients, can deliver the sophistication, flavour and mouthfeel that you want from a non-alcoholic wine.

The sugar levels are low, so it’s not too sweet, and the acidity is just right for pairing with great food.

If you’re looking for great non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternatives to compliment your BBQ cook-up, REAL sparkling tea is definitely worth exploring.

Non-alcoholic BBQ

Royal Flush pours with delicate fruity notes, entirely natural to the Darjeeling first flush teas that are used. You’ll taste hints of rhubarb, white peach, even the suggestion of blackcurrant, none of which are added as flavours, meaning that no sweeteners are involved. It pairs wonderfully with white meat and white fish, making it the perfect summer BBQ drink for those that are choosing to cut down on alcohol.

Dry Dragon is our non-alcoholic summer spritz, wonderful with summer salads, shellfish and fresh fruit. As a summer BBQ drink, pair it with barbequed oysters or king prawns - anywhere that you might desire citrusy notes of lemons or grapefruit.

Again, these are natural to the Dragonwell tea that we use to ferment, meaning that the drinks remain low in sugar and are dry on the palate.


Has any brewery ever created a great non-alcoholic lager?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there are few non-alcoholic lagers out there that top Lucky Saint. As the saying goes, they do one thing and they do it very well indeed.

Their crisp, golden liquid hits the spot on a hot day, and those biscuity malts with a citrusy, hoppy finish are so well balanced, many people will find it difficult to taste any obvious differences with its alcoholic cousins. We’ve been tasting non-alcoholic drinks for years now, and as far as non-alcoholic summer drinks go, this would be our must-have lager every time.


Are there good non-alcoholic alternatives to beer and ales?

The days of shoddy non-alcoholic beers are long gone, and in the UK there’s now a plethora of great options to keep you going. For ales without the headache, we tend to head over to the Big Drop Shop.

The sheer range that this award-winning brewery offers is quite extraordinary. Non-alcoholic stout, pale ale, IPA, brown ale… it’s all there, and then some. Keep an eye on their shop page for new specials - their Kodama IPL using the Japanese hop, Sorachi Ace, looks like a winner when it comes to non-alcoholic summer drinks.


Are non-alcoholic spirits worth a try?

Caleño Light & Zesty simply screams summer drink! A tropical blend of citrus and spice botanicals, this distilled non-alcoholic drink even manages to replicate the alcohol burn you might feel on the back of your throat, but using entirely natural ingredients.

Really great as a mixer, they have plenty of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes on their website, providing plenty of inspiration for a tasty post-meal tipple should the night still feel young. And the great news for subscribers to our newsletter this week is that Caleño are offering a special introductory offer. Check your inbox and get stuck in.


Which alternative alcohol free drinks are worth investigating? 

If you’re a non-drinker looking for something that sits outside the usual box, the world of the shrub is well-worth exploring. We’re big fans of the drinks that Nonsuch make, and we’ve chatted in depth about their age-old non-alcoholic alternatives on our podcast. They’ve also mixed up a decadent non-alcoholic bucks fizz recipe for our website, something we’ll turn to throughout the year whenever a celebration is in order. Bottoms up!

As you embrace the vibrant possibilities of this year's non-alcoholic summer, remember that REAL Drinks is here to elevate your experience. We've cultivated a selection of refined options that cater to every palate. Whether you're health-conscious, the designated driver, or simply seeking sophistication, our curated list guarantees a hangover-free, delightful journey. It's time for non-drinkers to relish the party fully. So, whether you're savoring a BBQ or enjoying a park picnic, let our exquisite range of sparkling teas from REAL Drinks be your companion. Contact us today or explore our online store to embrace the essence of this exceptional season. Cheers to a summer of taste, health, and joyful indulgence!

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