Tasting Notes 03. Local Treasures

Tasting Notes 03. Local Treasures

Welcome to the third edition of Tasting Notes, REAL’s monthly musings on everything we’re talking about, and tasting, at the moment. This month we’ll be diving into the world of craftsmanship and artistry…


We’re proud of what we create. We take the world’s finest loose-leaf teas and use techniques inspired by the wine world to produce our non-alcoholic Sparkling Teas in the heart of Buckinghamshire. Hand-crafted in The Fermentery.


We have a REAL commitment to craftsmanship and that doesn’t stop at our Sparkling Teas. It’s just as important to us that our space is as beautiful and carefully considered as our flavours.

If you were to look through the glass doors of The Fermentery on any given day over the summer, you would have found the REAL team covered in paint and dust. Each table, cupboard, shelf, wall panel and even skirting board in our Tasting Room was designed by REAL’s founder, David, and put together with the help of the team. The result is a beautifully serene and contemporary Tasting Room where we can welcome you for Tours & Tastings. The very dedication that went into creating The Fermentery also ensures that our Sparkling Teas always deliver on the complexity of flavour that you expect from us.

Woodwork building at The Fermentery for REAL Sparkling Tea

A shared appreciation for careful craftsmanship can be found throughout our local area. We’re surrounded by some amazing local businesses, and we came across one of our new favourites, Foster & Gane, when road-tripping across the county on the hunt for special pieces to rehome in our Tasting Room. The mother and son duo have curated an eclectic portfolio of beautiful pieces all with a 'common thread of thoughtful design and careful craftsmanship'.  

Their pieces are a mix of decorative antiques and 20th century design and we particularly love following along with their new finds over on Instagram.


Art can often be found in the most unexpected places, for example the forest floor… The return of humid weather and rain, after a particularly hot and dry summer, has produced an abundance of late season wild mushrooms. The beautiful, paper-thin gills on the underside of their rounded caps are spectacular examples of nature’s own craftsmanship.

These mushrooms are just as good to eat as they are to look at. Whether you’ve foraged them yourself or have picked some up from the farm shop down the road, head outside with your bounty of beautiful fungi and throw them into a hot pan over an open fire à la Gill Meller, and pair with our Royal Flush. Recipe here.

Royal Flush Sparkling Tea Komucha next to mushrooms
Until next time, Robyn from REAL
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