Tasting Notes 01. Stone Fruits

Open bottle of chilled Royal Flush Sparkling Tea next to a Stone Fruit Pavlova

Welcome to the first edition of Tasting Notes, REAL’s monthly musings on everything we’re talking about at the moment. Every now and then you’ll hear from different members of the team as we reveal some of the expertise and inspiration behind our Naturally Fermented Sparkling Teas. 

So let’s get into it…



Right now we’re in the juicy depths of stone fruit season, one of our favourite parts of summer. 

These delicious fruits are particularly close to our hearts here at REAL, as our Royal Flush Sparkling Tea offers fragrant notes of stone fruits on the nose, developing into flavours of white peach and nectarine on the palate. 

Fuzzy or smooth, sour or sweet, stone fruits, also known as drupes, are succulent and fleshy with delicate, velvety skin, a central stone and an unmistakably fruity and floral aroma.

Interestingly, these fruits are part of the Rosaceae (rose) family. If you look closely at the flowers of an apricot, plum or cherry tree, you will notice the similarities as they have a cup-like shape with five petals and oval-shaped leaves. 

Bottle of Royal Flush Sparkling Tea next to a selection of stone fruits.



We’re obsessed with tasting notes at REAL, and are constantly intrigued by the flavour combinations made possible by our hand-picked, loose-leaf teas. But where exactly do the fruity and floral notes of Royal Flush come from?

We nurture a small group of carefully curated microorganisms during our fermentation. We’ve tested thousands over the last five years and have chosen only the select few that, when combined, mimic the same enzymes that produce the flavour and aroma of apricots or peaches, for example.


Hackney-based cook and writer Anna Jones explores the joy that seasonal food brings. We’re big fans of her recipes, and her roasted stone fruit and brown sugar pavlova perfectly showcases peaches and plums in all their juicy glory. Brown sugar spiked swirls of meringue are perfectly complemented by syrupy, thyme infused fruit, and tart greek yoghurt laced with vanilla cuts through the sweetness wonderfully. 

This weekend is the perfect time to get cooking, pop a bottle of REAL in your fridge for a delicious and refreshing pairing! 

Cooked peaches in a baking tin.

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