Where to find REAL in UK Supermarkets.

Where to find REAL in UK Supermarkets.

REAL Sparkling Teas are available in supermarkets across the UK. Find out if REAL is stocked in a supermarket near you using the maps below. In most supermarkets you’ll find us in the low/no section alongside other non-alcoholic drinks.

REAL in Waitrose

REAL 750ml Royal Flush Sparkling Tea is available in most larger Waitrose supermarkets. Take a look at the map above to find out your nearest store, and please let their customer service know if they appear to be out of stock. Royal Flush is also available to purchase from Waitrose Online.

REAL in Sainsbury’s

Both styles of REAL Sparkling Tea, Royal Flush and Dry Dragon, are available in 100 of the larger Sainsbury’s supermarkets as well as online. Find them in the no/low section of the alcohol aisle.

REAL in Selfridges

Both Royal Flush and Dry Dragon are available in the Selfridges Food Hall and online. The prestigious store says this of our celebration serve: “Royal Flush is non-alcoholic but bursting with flavour, a rich Darjeeling blend that will render Prosecco a distant memory.” We couldn’t agree more!

REAL on Ocado

Ocado customers can order both styles of REAL, Royal Flush and Dry Dragon, here.

REAL at Milk & More

Our 750ml bottles of Dry Dragon are available to purchase via Milk & More.

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