REAL x Sophie Gordon Courgette Ribbon Salad

REAL x Sophie Gordon Courgette Ribbon Salad

On hot summer days, all you want to do is relax in the garden or a nearby park. Add a chilled drink and a fresh, zesty salad and you’re on to a winner!

“Summer screams freshness and simplicity…”

This week, we’ve partnered with amazing chef and author Sophie Gordon to give you possibly the most refreshing combination to enjoy in the summer sun. Her courgette ribbon salad can be pulled together in minutes, using only a handful of ingredients to create a delicious salad that pairs beautifully with a chilled glass of Dry Dragon.

This recipe is from Sophie’s first cook book The Whole Vegetablea veg-centric guide to all things seasonal and sustainable. Discover over 130 creative and eco-conscious ways to put vegetables at the very centre of your table and use up every part, including leaves, stalks, tops, flowers, seeds and even peelings.


Recipe from Sophie Gordon‘s The Whole Vegetable.

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