Non-Alcoholic Buck's Fizz (Citrus Buck's Fizz)

Non-Alcoholic Bucks Fizz with REAL Sparkling Tea

Non-alcoholic buck’s fizz… that’s just fizzy orange juice, right? Wrong. If you want something with a bit of pizazz – something to bring a bit of class to any celebratory lunch, brunch or dinner, be it a wedding breakfast or a non-alcoholic Christmas cocktail – then it’s worth getting a few choice ingredients in stock and trying something new.

What elevates this drink above the boring old orange juice and fizzy water combo is the combination of REAL Dry Dragon‘s fermented citrusy notes (on its own, it’s an incredibly refreshing non-alcoholic spritz… with bite) and the natural, slightly vinegary tartness of the Nonsuch Blood Orange & Bitter Lemon Shrub. Together, they offer something a touch more adult… a touch more decadent.

For the REAL non-alcoholic buck’s fizz, you’ll of course need a bottle of REAL Dry Dragon and a bottle of Nonsuch Blood Orange & Bitter Lemon Shrub. It’s the perfect chilled cocktail for non-alcoholic celebrations, so make sure you chill those bottles down before you start serving. (We always insist on storing our drinks below 20ºc, but get them in the fridge for a few hours before you begin, just so you know you’re tasting the REAL deal.)

Time and Serving:

  • Prep time – 1 min
  • Make time – 1 min
  • Serves – 1



  1. Chill the bottles and glass well
  2. Add 10ml of Nonsuch Blood Orange & Bitter Lemon Shrub
  3. Top up with REAL Dry Dragon
  4. Stir gently
  5. Serve


1. For this delicious non-alcoholic buck’s fizz, get your bottles in the ice bucket as early as possible. You want the freshness and chill to bring forth those delicious flavours.

REAL Dry Dragon Sparkling Tea in an ice bucket.
2. Carefully pour 10ml of Nonsuch Blood Orange & Bitter Lemon Shrub into your chilled glass or champagne flute. We don’t serve ours over ice, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it. If you’re worried that the ice will melt and dilute your drink… well, this tastes so good that we don’t think it’ll be in your glass long enough for that to be a problem.
Pouring an alcohol free bucks fizz.
3. Top up your glass with your chilled REAL Dry Dragon. You can experiment with the ratios, of course. We’ve found that about 200ml hits the spot, but you can add more to increase that fermented citrusy flavour, or less if you’re looking for more of the shrub.
Alcohol Free Bucks Fizz
4.  Stir gently so that the flavours of both ingredients intermingle throughout the length of the glass.
Stirring an Alcohol Free Bucks Fizz
5. Et voila… your incredibly delicious, dangerously moreish non-alcoholic buck’s fizz. It can be our little secret.
Finished Alcohol Free Bucks Fizz
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