REAL team member

Oleg is the fantastic REAL Drinks Fermenter.

Oleg has been with REAL from the very start. His journey began back when we were brewing up a storm in David's garage and 7 years on, he still comes into The REAL Fermentery each day with the energy and passion of someone starting out on a new adventure.

With an encyclopedic knowledge of our processes, Oleg knows everything there is to know about creating our delicious drinks. You can guarantee that he'll be working with a smile, often a song and a dance and ALWAYS wearing a brightly coloured bandanna!

Here's what he thinks about working at REAL:

I love it here now as much as when I started and I'm enjoying having a great team to work with now the business has grown. In Ukraine I grew up with fermentation being a big part of my life and I went on to brewing, so it's my passion. It’s a big achievement for me to be part of how far REAL has come on it’s journey.

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