Sober October 2022

REAL Royal Flush non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine alternative.

Welcome to Sober October! If you are looking for a perfect non-alcoholic alternative to Sparkling Wine or Champagne, then this is the ideal month to try REAL’s Naturally Fermented Sparkling Teas

Sober October is similar to Dry January, which is always seen as a chance to kick-start the new year with healthier resolutions after Christmas, which is usually a season of overindulgence. But to put it simply, October is the perfect excuse to explore your sober curiosity at a different time of year, or just to take a break from alcohol with the support of many others.

The concept of Sober October began 10 years ago with the Australian youth health organisation Life Education, who raised money for charity under the ‘Ocsober’ banner. The phrase ‘Sober October’ was then coined by MacMillan Cancer Support in the UK, with famous names like Brad Pitt championing the idea of taking a break from alcohol.

So we’ve decided to ditch the afterwork wines, and that bottle of Prosecco at the weekend – but what alternatives are we left with? 

If you enjoy the complex flavour profiles and food pairings associated with fine wines and Champagnes, chances are you aren’t particularly fond of a sugar filled soft drink or an overly sweet ‘mocktail’ as your new favourite alcohol-free alternative. This is where REAL Sparkling Tea comes in as the perfect alcohol-free alternative to Champagnes and Sparkling Wines.

At REAL we want people to be able mark the moments that matter, whatever the occasion, unconstrained by whether they are drinking alcohol, moderating year-round, or exploring sobriety for October. So let’s get introduced to our two staple Sparkling Teas, Royal Flush and Dry Dragon.

Royal Flush is our non-alcoholic Champagne alternative, fermented using the finest first flush Darjeeling from India, the Queen of Teas. With a fragrant and fresh hit on the nose, with notes of stone fruits and juicy blackcurrants, and flavours of rhubarb and peach, Royal Flush is the ideal accompaniment to grilled white fish, charcuterie, or for that perfect Aperitivo moment. Royal Flush is the perfect alcohol-free companion for Sober October.

As well as our 750ml Cork & Cage bottles, Royal Flush Sparkling Tea is now available in a 250ml can, so you can mark the moment wherever you are.

Dry Dragon is our non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine alternative, fermented using pan-fired Chinese Lonjing Green Tea, otherwise known as Dragonwell. Light and crisp on the nose with notes of honeydew melon and a delicate leafy undertone. Dry and fresh on the palate with flavours of sweet lemons, grapefruit, and a gentle, nutty finish. Dry Dragon is the perfect non-alcoholic partner to summer salads, shellfish, or for all-day sunshine sipping – an ideal non-alcoholic alternative.

As well as our 750ml Cork & Cage bottles, Dry Dragon Sparkling Tea is now available in a 250ml can, so you can mark any moment unrestrained by location.

Hopefully you have been enjoying your Sober journey this October and have learnt a little more about how Sparkling Tea can be that perfect non-alcoholic wine or Champagne alternative so you can still enjoy an exquisite drink with unmatched flavours, without the alcohol.

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