Seasonal Produce Pairings With REAL

Seasonal Produce Pairings With REAL

During spring we look forward to many things, such as the sun shining, picnics with friends, and enjoying a cocktail or two in the good weather. However, what we are most excited about is the seasonal produce spring brings. In this article, we look at what seasonal produce is currently available and how to pair them with our range of sparkling teas. 

What is Considered Seasonal Produce?

Seasonal or ‘in-season’ foods typically refer to the time of year it is harvested or the flavour of any given produce. Fruit, vegetables, and herbs are harvested when they are at their most delicious and nutritious, it is during their harvest season that you should aim to consume them and use them in your cooking. 

A seasonal produce calendar allows you to see what produce is in season throughout the year and plan your dishes accordingly. This allows you to get the most flavour and depth out of your food while eating sustainably, with the seasons. 

Currently, an abundance of delicious produce has been springing (pun intended) to the surface! Is there anything more welcome than celebrating the very beginning of a new season with a palette of fresh, colourful, and tasty seasonal ingredients? During spring we will see the likes of spring onions, strawberries, peas, green beans, and radishes being used to create delicious seasonal dishes that are full of flavour. 

Enjoy Our Dry Dragon Seasonally

Our Dry Dragon sparkling tea is known for its light and citrusy notes,  with sweet lemon and grapefruit on the palate and a delicate, yet leafy undertone. Dry Dragon is deliciously refreshing on warm summer days and is also perfect during the light spring weather we have been having recently. 

When thinking about food pairings, Dry Dragon works well in place of a white wine alongside, for example, any shellfish dish. With green vegetables such as asparagus, green beans, and courgettes coming into the season, why not serve Dry Dragon with crisp spring salads. As it also pairs perfectly with fruit, it is an ideal accompaniment to any dessert.

What To Pair Our Royal Flush With This Spring

Our Royal Flush sparkling tea is created using fragrant first flush Darjeeling, which has been picked by hand as the first tips of tea emerge in spring.

We do not add any flavourings to our sparkling teas, instead of letting the character notes of the tea ferment through.  The tea develops notes of rhubarb, white peach, and a touch of blackcurrant which are perfect for making delicious spring cocktails. The mixture of fruit and spice flavours round out the acids, making this tea soft and delicate to the taste. 

When it comes to pairing this drink with a seasonal dish, we recommend serving it as an aperitif. Particularly with charcuterie, the Royal Flush works well in place of a sauterne with foie gras. Alternatively, drink it in place of a dessert wine alongside your pudding. With May favouring the growth of rhubarb and strawberries, we can only imagine the list of desserts you will be putting together this spring.

Top Tips From Our Sparkling Tea Experts

A rule to follow when pairing a drink with your dessert is to make sure your drink has a lower sugar content than what you are serving. Our range of sparkling teas is low in sugar so are perfect for drinking alongside a sweet dessert

Why not pair Royal Flush with fresh fruit and cream, the perfect spring/ summer dessert? Or make one of our REAL cocktails such as Hana’s Flush which is a sweet strawberry and elderflower delight. 

Have some fun with it, pairing doesn’t have to be difficult or a chore! Get creative and see what works for you, and play with different flavours and pairings.

Everyone should shop and cook according to what seasonal produce is around. But it doesn’t have to mean missing out on delicious meals and beverages. Luckily one of our drinks or cocktails will always make the perfect pairing for this spring.

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